Effective time management

September 21, 2011 1:32 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Time is money! So how can your businesses develop good time management skills and improve productivity?

  • Identify the most important issues, and deal with them first.
  • Sort jobs in order of importance and delgate them appropriately.
  • Ensure that staff are able to deal with the jobs they are given.
  • Make punctuality a company policy.
  • Ensure that meetings are meaningful and impose a clear-cut agenda.
  • Keep distractions, such as personal e-mail and calls, to a minimum.
  • Tackle the important tasks when people are at their most productive.
  • Give staff rewards and incentives to encourage their productivity.
  • Prepare for unexpected issues and ensure that there will be time to deal with them.

Remember, in a faced-paced work environment, efficiency equals success!

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